VIDEO: Black Trump Supporter Goes Off at Rally: “Obama Has Failed Us. We’re Taking Back America”

VIDEO: Black Trump Supporter Goes Off at Rally: “Obama Has Failed Us. We’re Taking Back America”

A video of a man going off at a Trump rally in Georgia is quickly going viral- and it’s easy to see why. His passion for Trump and his plans for jobs surely is something most Americans can relate to:


From comments on YouTube:

Mike Sweat
Hoke has seen the truth. A two time Obama supporter. He realizes that Obama has failed the nation. We need a solid leader in this country. Trump is the man.

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This guy speaks for lot of Black Americans that are mad as hell. Many are really pissed off that they got used by Obama for their minority votes, and ended up far worse off today than they were 7 years ago.

dead on Accurate statement, Trump 2016 !

most of us who have been against Obama from day one,it has never been about his skin color ,only about his policies and his agenda. Good for this man in this video for speaking the truth. Black America is by far,worse off today than the day Obama 1st stepped into office. Now just because Obama was half black doesn’t mean he should of done the most for black people ,for that very reason,but to do equally for all Americans . Obama has failed miserably . Trump is the best person to correct the Financial disaster, The Left has caused. Obama had control of the White House ,the Senate and the House his first 2 years as POTUS ,but yet he did nothing but force his Unaffordable Care Act on America .That will collapse eventually because theres not enough money coming in as going out. Trump is the Only solution . Trump/Carson 2016

moniquemonicat 1 hour ago
WoW! Great man for Trump and America! Obama has failed us, we’re going to take back America. 90% of city are foreigners, that leaves just 5% white 5% black Americans, foreigners have nice cars, while our children don’t have enough to eat. Obama gives $150 billion dollars to a foreign country while our children and babies don’t have enough to eat. Another man calculates that’s about $3 billion dollars per state that could be used to feed hungry children.

Ranger Zero
The TRUMP TSUNAMI is coming baby! TRUMP 2016!

Like so many Americans, this man wants what we all do – we all want jobs. We all want to provide for our kids, and make sure that they have all they need. This man wants what we all do – the American Dream. We should all be so outspoken, and perhaps America would not be in the sad shape that she is in today.

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