VIDEO: Trump Slams CNN reporter to his face: “I like real news, not fake news, and you are fake news.”

VIDEO: Trump Slams CNN reporter to his face: “I like real news, not fake news, and you are fake news.”

President Trump has a history of going after CNN for being “fake news” and it’s been the cause of a lot of controversy. Apparently he doesn’t care, though, because he just did it again.

When CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Trump why he wasn’t taking anymore questions, Acosta got an answer he wasn’t expecting. (Or maybe he was. After all, he works for CNN.)

Trump made an appearance to sign a memorandum regarding China’s intellectual property practices and apparently Acosta wanted to get some questions in before the President left the podium.

Unfortunately for the CNN reporter, Trump didn’t want to answer any questions from him. (Can you blame him? I mean, CNN’s new mission statement is “Anti-Trump, all the time.”)

Instead of answering the questions, or in this case the question about questions, Trump dismissed the reporter in a way only Trump can. By calling him “fake news.”

Watch the video below:

If you’ll remember, Donald Trump called Acosta “fake news” before, during a January 11th press conference. Not only did he refuse to answer the question, but he called out Acosta and CNN for their horrifically biased reporting on his campaign and election.

“Your organization is terrible,” Trump shouted at Acosta during the conference, after Acosta tried to ask Trump a question. “I am not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”

In an appearance on the news outlet after the event, Acosta claimed that then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer threatened to have him removed if he attempted to ask another question.

This came after CNN published a story on the infamous “Russian dossier” which made some egregious claims about Trump, which was originally “broken” by BuzzFeed, the place where honest journalism goes to die.

CNN did no investigation into the dossier and ended up being forced to pull the story after it could not actually be corroborated by any independent sources.

I don’t blame Trump for not wanting to answer CNN’s questions. They will undoubtedly attempt to twist his words to fit their agenda.

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