Here It Is! The Video All Those Against Trump’s Travel Ban Needs To See…

Here It Is! The Video All Those Against Trump’s Travel Ban Needs To See…

There are a lot people who have vehemently opposed President Donald Trump’s “travel ban,” but fail to realize its importance and will continue to do so until it is too late. It’s not that Trump wants to keep people from moving to the United States or seeking refuge from a home country destroyed by war, it’s that he has an obligation to the American people to keep us safe from people who wish to do us harm.

If a group of ten men came to your doorstep and told you that you needed to let them in because their house just burned down, but you know that at least one of them wanted to do you harm, would you let them all in and wait to see which one it is? A reasonable person who is not controlled by emotional rhetoric would say “no” and not feel bad about it. Who wants to be among people who wish them dead?

That’s not how liberals see it, unfortunately, but perhaps their view will change after seeing this video.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” recently and explained what immigration is doing to the country of Sweden, and it is nothing short of horrible.

When speaking with Carlson during the Feb. 17 interview, Horowitz claimed the violence in relation to the refugee crisis was out of control, but that so-called “European virtues” had put a stop to any discussion on the statistics. He went as far as to say the government made excuses for the skyrocketing crime rate, and would even attempt to cover up crimes committed by refugees.

And Horowitz knows what he’s talking about. Last year, he filmed a documentary about the crisis, which covered the rape epidemic as well as “no-go” zones — areas where only Muslims are allowed to enter. He was beaten when he entered one of these areas.

The journalist added that refugees in Sweden also benefit from “one of the most generous” financial programs in the world, which include housing, education and cash benefits.

It’s amazing to think that a government would put its reputation for being “humanitarian” above the safety of its own people, but it would appear that Sweden has made that choice.

Horowitz explained that it’s “socially unacceptable” to even hint that the crime surge in the country is related to refugees despite the fact that over 160,000 refugees entered the country last year alone.

Watch the video below:

Carlson is absolutely right, liberals want to feel virtuous by bringing these people in, regardless of the actual impact on the Swedish people.

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