VIDEO: Watch What Trump Does To Jeb Bush Plant Hitting Him With Feminist Question

A minor kerfuffle has ensued as a result of a Jeb Bush volunteer in New Hampshire who was able to plant a “gotcha” question on Donald Trump at the “No Labels Problem Solver Convention” Monday.

The volunteer, Lauren Batchelder, told Trump she didn’t think he’s “a friend to women,” and then proceeded to ask him to make guarantees to the fairer sex. Most prominently, she demanded that he guarantee a woman would make as much as a man were Trump to win the White House.

His answer can be found after the 2:20 mark, and it’s pretty well done

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What followed thereafter was a Twitter war between the Trump team and the Bush team

As Trump supporters googled Batchelder’s name, they found a resume listing “intern at Jeb Bush for President 2016” and a Twitter feed containing pro-Bush tweets. Daniel Scavino Jr., a senior adviser to Trump, accused Bush of having “planted” an intern at the event. Conservative blogs quickly picked up the story.

And Trump weighed in Tuesday morning:

Allie Brandenburger, a spokeswoman for Bush’s campaign, said Batchelder is not a paid staff member and attended the convention on her own.

“While this question was not sanctioned by the campaign,” Brandenburger said in an e-mail Tuesday morning, “we can’t help but notice Mr. Trump does seem to be very sensitive about being challenged by women.”

Bush’s lead spokesman, Tim Miller, reiterated that sentiment in a tweet.

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