White House Cut Media Briefing Short After Trump Invites Reporters’ Kids To Oval Office [VIDEO]

White House Cut Media Briefing Short After Trump Invites Reporters’ Kids To Oval Office [VIDEO]

At a press briefing yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced they were cutting it short for a special reason. President Trump invited the children of the media to the Oval Office for a Halloween visit. After Sanders finished a line of questions from reporters, she said she had “one last announcement.” “The president asked me to let all of you know that those of you that have your kids here for trick-or-treating,” Sanders said. “Before they go over to the executive office building for trick-or-treating, he’s invited them to come into the Oval.”

This is President Trump showing his love of children… it brings the grandfather out in him. I can’t remember kids going into the Oval Office for Halloween before. It was an adorable and iconic event. The White House held its annual Halloween festivities Friday. Kids from over 20 schools from Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia were in attendance. Also invited were military families and community organizations. It was definitely a spooky party. “So if you would like to have your kids participate, please meet us here and we’ll walk them over shortly and then give them back to you so that you can sugar them up and take them home to your house to run wild,” Sanders joked.

That however was not the best part of all this. Once the kiddies were in the Oval Office, President Trump invited them behind the desk as he joked with them and handed them candy. “I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children,” Trump said. “How the media did this, I don’t know.” Boom! That’s the first zinger that must have ticked off the media massively. That’s hysterical.

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There were around ten children dressed in all kinds of costumes from Star Wars, to witches, to Batgirl. There was even a unicorn (we are talking the children of the progressive media after all). As the children gathered around the desk, Trump continued to make jabs at the media, saying their kids get treated by them better than “anybody in the world.” Oh, and he wasn’t done. Nope. “Oh you’re going to grow up to be like your parents?” Trump asked. “Don’t answer, that can only get me in trouble, that question,” he joked.

Cue the liberal outrage over one thing Trump said more than any other…”You have no weight problems. That’s the good news. Good. So you take out whatever you need.” And the left came unglued. By the end of the five-minute visit he was laughing and asking a black-hatted witch: “So how does the press treat you? I bet you get treated better by the press than anybody in the world, right?” the President asked, drawing laughter and camera-shutters. “I think so.” If you don’t get that set-up, I feel sorry for you.

You really have to see how progressive media outlets portrayed this. The Daily Mail said this bull crap: “A boy dressed as Darth Vader – perhaps a late homage to former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon – caught the President’s eye before a tray of Hershey’s Kisses packages arrived.” And this one: “For most of the children, though, it was their first time in the harsh spotlight of American political journalism.” SMH. But Trump got in one last jab before the kiddies left. “Congratulations, folks. You did a good job,” he told the journalists as he motioned toward their kids. “Here, you did,” he said. Trump then pointed one finger at himself. “I wouldn’t say you did very well here,” he said. “But really beautiful children.” That’s going to leave a mark.

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