WHOA! Look What Trump’s New Interior Secretary Just “DROVE” To His First Day Of Work!

WHOA! Look What Trump’s New Interior Secretary Just “DROVE” To His First Day Of Work!

Former Montana congressman and former Navy SEAL commander, Ryan Zinke, rode a horse to his first day of work on Capitol Hill as the new Secretary of the Interior. Freaking awesome! He wore a cowboy hat, jeans and cowboy boots. He was greeted by hundreds of federal workers as he arrived. Even the Cheyenne Indians greeted him their own way. And of course, he was escorted by the US Park Police, who he commended highly. His horse is even named ‘Tonto’. What a hoot.

Also part of the welcome: former acting Interior secretary Jack Haugrud, who greeted Zinke on the steps. I’d say that was one hell of an entrance and a great way to start your new job. From what I hear, Zinke really cares about public lands and the interior… it isn’t just a job for him. Zinke accepted an invitation from the Park Police to “stand should-to-shoulder with their officers on his first day at Interior, the eve of the Department’s anniversary,” Interior spokeswoman Heather Swift said.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke turned some heads Thursday morning with how he chose to get to work for his first day on the job in Washington.

He rode a horse.

The former Montana congressman, and former Navy SEAL commander, completed the look with a cowboy hat, boots and jeans, as he made his way from the National Mall to the Interior Department headquarters on C Street.

Zinke was greeted by hundreds of federal workers when he arrived, according to Fox News, and an employee from the Bureau of Indian Affairs who was from the Northern Cheyenne tribe in Montana, played a hand drum to welcome him. He also had an escort from the United States Park Police. Take a look:

That’s one way to make an entrance.

“Honored to stand with the brave officers of @USParkPolice — these professionals put their lives on the line for us,” Zinke tweeted.

Others snapped photos of Zinke on the 17-year-old Irish sport horse, named Tonto, and shared them on social media.


Zinke is a fifth-generation Montanan who is also the first person from the state to serve in a presidential cabinet. The choice of riding a horse to work seems to go along with Zinke’s decision to brand himself as a conservative as well as a conservationist. And bonus, he’s from my old stomping grounds in Bozeman, Montana. That’s where I graduated high school. Heh.

USA Today joined the other media out there by being amused by all this. But they just couldn’t help themselves… this is how they ended their article: “First thought: Did this disrupt traffic at all? Second thought: What does Vladimir Putin think?” Nice. I never saw them do that when Obama brought traffic to a stand still. And the Russia thing… really? Asshats.

Zinke, who was confirmed by the Senate 68-31 on Wednesday, signed his first secretarial order that overturned a policy enacted the day before Barack Obama left office. The original order banned lead ammunition and fishing tackle on Fish and Wildlife Service refuges and others regulated by federal agencies. The intent was to prevent plants and animals from being poisoned by the bullets and tackle. Which is insane and was rightly overturned. Nice to see a fellow Montanan in charge for a change.

“After reviewing the order and the process by which it was promulgated, I have determined that the order is not mandated by any existing statutory or regulatory requirement and was issued without significant communication, consultation or coordination with affected stakeholders,” Zinke wrote in his order. The ban was opposed by gun rights advocates, sportsmen’s groups, conservatives and state wildlife agencies. I love that it was the very first thing he did. This should be a wild ride.



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