The Woman Driving With a Huge ‘F**k Trump’ Sticker on Her Truck Gets a Big Dose of Karma [VIDEO]

The Woman Driving With a Huge ‘F**k Trump’ Sticker on Her Truck Gets a Big Dose of Karma [VIDEO]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that a woman has recently made headlines for having a profane sticker on her truck’s back window that read “Fu*k Trump and fu*k you for voting for him.” This is the kind of thing that we’ve come to expect from liberals and while offensive, I don’t know that it actually constitutes a crime.

That being said, she HAS been arrested and is getting exactly what she deserves. It turns out that when you have an outstanding warrant, being a loud-mouth probably isn’t in your best interests.

Who knew?

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls has received a number of complaints regarding the obscene sticker, which also neatly features a middle finger in place of one of the letters. He claimed that it technically violates the law and she could be charged with disorderly conduct which extends to use of excessive profanity in a public place. For instance you can’t go into a Starbucks and start screaming curse words and expect the First Amendment to protect you.

Nehls also made it clear that he didn’t want to arrest the woman and hoped that she would understand why she shouldn’t have that sticker on her truck and would use different words.

But she DID end up behind bars for a different reason altogether.

After making it into the news, it was discovered by the local police department that she had an outstanding felony warrant for fraud and the police department did confirm that she was arrested.

She posted bond and was released Thursday night. The media contacted her and asked for a statement, in which she claimed her arrest was politically charged and actually had to with the sticker. (I mean, sort of. It’s what got you on the radar. If not for your poor decision to put that on your window to antagonize people, you’d still be driving around a free woman. This is your fault.)

It should also be noted that she doesn’t plan on removing the sticker from her window any time in the near future.

I’m sorry, but the fact that she’s complaining about being arrested on a felony fraud charge because she made the choice to put a sticker on her truck that got her a lot of negative attention is entirely on her. She cannot blame this on anyone but herself. I’m glad she got arrested and I hope justice is served.

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