Women’s March Was So Badly Planned, They Dropped PLANNED March To White House

Women’s March Was So Badly Planned, They Dropped PLANNED March To White House

Whoever organized the “Women’s March” against Trump should probably not have that responsibility the next time, because apparently this march was organized so poorly that they had to drop the whole point of why they were there – to march.

Here’s what went down with the unsuccessful march on The White House that was organized by women:

A massive turnout at the Women’s March on Washington has forced a change of plans. With the entire planned route filled with hundreds of thousands of protesters, organizers can’t lead a formal march toward the White House. That’s according to a District of Columbia official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the official isn’t authorized to speak for the march.

The official says that shortly before 1 p.m., people were standing along the entire march route. While there will be no formal march led from the protest stage near the Capitol, the crowd is still expected to move toward the Ellipse, an area of the National Mall in front of the White House.


The official says there could be more than half a million people on the Mall, but it’s difficult to estimate because low cloud cover is making aerial photographs impossible.

I have to commend these protesters. They have found their First Amendment right to protest and have exercised it. Nothing bad can come of citizens who do hold to those rights and use them, no matter what side of the political aisle they reside on.

Yet, it had only been 24 hours since Trump had became the President of the United States and protesters are behaving as if he has broken some law worth impeachment. What is the point of this protest? Trump is not going anywhere. You would better serve the country by looking inwards towards your own families and taking care of them, rather than falling apart over some outcome that hasn’t even happened.

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