WSJ Editorial Board: It’s Time For Robert Mueller to Step Down From the Trump Investigation

WSJ Editorial Board:  It’s Time For Robert Mueller to Step Down From the Trump Investigation

The right has called on Special Investigator Robert Mueller to step down from his position due to a conflict of interest, but a new piece from the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board casts new light on the issues that may be preventing Mueller from investigating Trump fairly.

It was reported Saturday that the FBI’s lead investigator linked to the Mueller probe had to be demoted when it was discovered that he had sent anti-Trump texts to one of his mistresses. (Try to find the most scandalous part of that sentence.) Mueller kept this information from House investigators even in the safe of subpoenas that would have revealed those texts.

What makes this even better is the woman he was exchanging these anti-Trump texts with. FBI lawyer Lisa Page also has a history of working for Mueller and deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, who was accused of a conflict of interest regarding the Hillary Clinton probe.

Is there anyone in the FBI who is investigating Trump that DOESN’T hate him? I mean seriously? I want a fair and impartial investigation as much as anyone because it will either prove Trump is a slimy cretin who doesn’t deserve to be President, or it will shut the liberals up because they’ve been following this rabbit down a hole with a dead end. Either way, we won’t get there if we have Mueller surrounding himself with biased individuals who aren’t going to do what they’ve been hired to do.

Even the “bombshell” ABC story that seemed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump was colluding with the Russians during the election turned out to be a bust when anchor Brian Ross was forced to admit that he hadn’t thoroughly vetted the information. In the end, they corrected the story to indicate that Trump hadn’t asked Flynn to contact the Russians before the election, but after. You know, during the transition when it was important for him to open channels of communication with foreign leaders? Yeah, whoops.

As it stands now, this entire Russian investigation is a giant pile of nothing. It’s like opening a bag of chips and finding out that it’s half air, half crumbs. The fact that Mueller is trying this hard despite evidence is clearly prompted by the fact that he is surrounded by Trump-hating individuals who won’t give this up until they find that pot of gold. He really needs to retire the investigation, or step down so someone else can come in and look at this with fresh eyes.

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