Why you don’t do drugs. Woman High On Flakka In Houston [VIDEO]

Why you don’t do drugs. Woman High On Flakka In Houston [VIDEO]

I didn’t even know flakka was a thing. Apparently it’s the new drug all the cool kids are doing. It is a play on the Spanish word “flaca” which means “skinny woman.” Yeah, take enough of this stuff and you’ll probably be more than skinny.

This is why you don’t do drugs. Or maybe this is why you do drugs. I’m not here to judge you. But from the looks of it, this lady looks like she is in a different dimension. It’s kind of like that scene in the movie “Inception” when they ask Yusuf why someone would want to be stuck in a dream for ten years and Yusuf says, “depends on the dream.” I wonder if this high is any good.

Yeah on second thought, it doesn’t look that great. Apparently flakka is a cousin of bath salts, which are all kind of nasty. These can be even more addictive than methamphetamines.

Look, I am a pretty staunch libertarian. I hate the government with the passion of a thousand suns. Taxation is theft and all that jazz. I don’t think this should be illegal in any case, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s a good idea. If there is one thing I cannot stand about Republican or conservative types it is that they say they want smaller government, but if given the chance, they will always be for large government if it is tangentially related to one of their pet causes: military, police, drugs, National Anthem, you name it.

I know I’m painting with a broad brush so *insert obligatory #notall reference.* But what does this say about our society that drug use has become an epidemic?

Someone once explained it to me this way. You and I, normal people, operate at around a happiness level of 50 on average. Sometimes we get to 60 when we’re really pleased about something and our wedding days and births of children can get us to a 70 or 75. But people who are addicted to drugs, their baseline is 0. They are always looking for a high to get them out of their miserable state. The drug brings them up to a 30 or a 40 level of happiness; something normal people are at when they are depressed.

It seemed like a good analogy and I wonder what has happened to these people to make them so miserable in life. It probably has something to do with their upbringing. Don’t do drugs kids and stay in school.

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