Footage shows how scary the synthetic cannabis drug Black Mamba can be [VIDEO]

Footage shows how scary the synthetic cannabis drug Black Mamba can be [VIDEO]

I can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t do drugs. Drugs are not good for you and the fact that they’re coming out with “synthetic versions” makes them even more dangerous.

A 25 year-old rapper decided to publish a video of a man hallucinating on “Black Mamba” to show how absolutely terrifying it is.

“Black Mamba” is a cannabis synthetic that can have horrific side-effects, including hallucinations. Rapper Jess1 released a video of a man high on the drug. He claims that he was present for the incident, where the man’s friends were laughing at him as the musician voiced his concerns.

He wanted to warn people away from the drug and thought that showing them how terrifying it would be to take it would be the most effective way of doing that.

The video was taken on August 2nd in Derby City Centre, with the man who took the drug looking like he was possessed by a demon. He can be seen writhing on the floor with his eyes rolling in the back of his head.

Watch the video below: [Content Warning – May Cause Some Viewers Discomfort]

‘The effect of it is really scary. He looked like he was dying. They look like they’re fighting something as if they are being possessed. A lot of people were looking and were just shocked. We didn’t know what to do. Everyone was just worried. I was shocked that people are picking up this drug. I was shocked that he got himself in that state. I was more shocked than terrified. This is the first time in town that I’ve seen someone having a mamba attack. He was erratic. You could see that the drug was taking over his body.’

Please, please, please… don’t take this and if you have teenage children, show them this video in an effort to perhaps persuade them away from taking something that may cause things like this to happen.

H/T: Metro

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