Land Of The Living Dead: Drug 50 Times More Deadly Than Heroin Floods America [VIDEO]

Land Of The Living Dead: Drug 50 Times More Deadly Than Heroin Floods America [VIDEO]

Now, I’m not knowledgeable about drugs, particularly, but can someone explain to me the need to make drugs so potent that they kill the person taking them the very first time they use them to get high? Put aside the moral issues for now, isn’t that just a terrible business model? You’re killing your consumers, which means they’re not going to buy from you again. Assuming their friends are smart (for addicts), they probably won’t buy from you either. Then all you’re left with is super-potent drugs and nobody who wants to buy it except morons.

Unfortunately, American streets are flooded with all sorts of drugs, including fentanyl, which is an astonishing 50 times more powerful than heroin.

If you need an example of just how horrifyingly effective this drug is, take a look at the above picture. This is a couple who so badly needed a fix that they shot up outside their dealer’s house. Their Jeep then crashed into a parked saloon with both driver and passenger looking like corpses.

The police swung into action, injecting both with Narcan – a chemical that counteracts the effect of opioids. The synthetic drug they took was so potent that it acted immediately, causing the crash.

The woman was revived quickly, but her boyfriend was not quite so lucky. After 12 shots of Narcan failed to wake him up, he was transported to the hospital.

When one witness asked what happened, the Sheriff gave a grim prediction for the future.

‘They’ll find her dead tomorrow. Or maybe she’ll access an empty house, overdose there and they won’t find her body for six months.’

Drugs are becoming more and more dangerous, and addicts are less likely to get help before they overdose and die. If you or anyone you know is addicted to drugs, please get help before you make a mistake that could end your life.

H/T: Daily Mail

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