Mom’s PLEA goes viral ‘My son took cocaine – now I have to wipe his bottom’

An awful, awful story. As if you didn’t already know what a potential disaster recreational drug use is…

The mother of a man who almost died after taking cocaine has released a shocking picture of him in hospital as a stark warning to others.

Carl Ayres, then 28, suffered a life-changing stroke just five days after taking cocaine on New Year’s Eve last year.

The super fit ex-marine was left in a coma with doctors warning he would be left paralysed.

At one point, his life support machine was due to be switched off.

Thankfully, he survived, but has been left unable to talk or walk – and his mother Julie Ayres, 50, says she now has to wipe his bottom.

Mrs Ayres said she feels ‘broken’ over what had happened to her son – and has released the picture of him in hospital as a warning to others considering taking cocaine.

She said: ‘It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

‘He was so active and full of life. He ran his own business. Now I wipe his bum.’

She added: ‘Some days I don’t want to get out of bed. But I always do. I always act cheerful around him.

‘Then when I come out [from visiting him] I break down. I can’t stand to see how he is.

‘Honestly, I don’t think he will get back to normal.’

Mr Ayres took cocaine at a local pub in Farnborough, Hampshire, on New Year’s Eve last year.

Then, on January 4, the ex-marine went for a five-mile run, which is believed to have triggered high blood pressure and caused a slow-moving clot to develop.

The next morning, Mr Ayres – who owns a digger company – collapsed at a client’s house.

He was taken to accident and emergency in Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, where he was transferred to intensive care and remained in a coma for four days.

When he finally ‘flickered his eyes’ open days later, his family was told he was likely to have locked-in syndrome, where the body and facial muscles are paralysed but the person is conscious and able to move their eyes.

They were considering turning off his life support machine, but he began to make progress.

Thankfully, he was not left completely paralysed, and woke up.

He gesticulated to his nose, and his family asked ‘Did you take cocaine?’.

After communicating that he had taken it, doctors did tests and found the drug in his system.

Depressing, to be sure.

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