BOOM: Duck Dynasty Family Shocks Fans With Major Announcement About Their Future

BOOM: Duck Dynasty Family Shocks Fans With Major Announcement About Their Future

Duck Dynasty as a reality show is officially ending. I’m sad to see that… I truly enjoyed the show. But I can certainly understand wanting to be done with it. As Phil Robertson says, very few people understand all that it takes to do a show. It’s grueling. Phil and Miss Kay are looking forward to living a normal life again. There’s duck hunting and fishing to do after all. The important things in life. Being a deeply religious family, they put God first, closely followed by family. This will allow them to right their priorities once more.

Phil Robertson started off during the election supporting Ted Cruz. He eventually went to Donald Trump as he became the nominee. Willie Robertson was in Trump’s camp all along. I don’t think they enjoyed the political turmoil much and I was disappointed that Phil Robertson joined with Steve Bannon to market a couple of political/religious movies at Cannes. I’m sure Phil’s heart was in the right place, but that was a bad idea.

From the InQuisitr:

Even though this will be the last time we see the members of Duck Dynasty as a collective on our TV screens, that doesn’t mean this will be the last time we see them in the public eye. In fact, the Robertson family may just be more omnipresent in the future than they have been in the past.

Whether that’s good or bad news, of course, depends on whether you like Duck Dynasty or the Robertson family.

According to KNOE, after Duck Dynasty, Phil and Kay Robertson plan to move on to the next phase in their lives by being out of the public eye.

According to Phil, he couldn’t be happier that it’s over.

“Back in 2016, the Robertson family announced the ending of their show on A&E. But Phil and Miss Kay are showing some excitement in getting back to their normal lives. ‘I for one was thankful it ended,’ Phil said. ‘There’s a lot more to doing these tv shows than most people realize.’ Phil plans to get back to enjoying duck hunting, while Miss Kay plans to continue her cooking and Southern Hospitality.”

Willie and other members of his family will return to the Wednesday Pro-Am, which is very popular in the world of golfing, because it features both professional and amateur golfers competing against one another. They will hugely enjoy that and Willie is not done with fame yet. I would not be surprised if he came up with another show of some sort. We’ll see.

Again, I hate to see them go. They were one of the very few Christian shows out there that were good, clean fun. I wish the Robertsons all the best and I suspect we will see them again in the limelight. I still buy their t-shirts. Heh.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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