Biohazard Suits for Some But Not All Said to Be Part of the Ebola Protocol

Political optics actually forced Obama to postpone 2 days of his usual fundraising activities so as to give the impression that he is doing something to prevent an epidemic of Ebola in the USA. Yet somehow people still get the feeling that authorities aren’t quite taking this seriously — and not only because potential vectors continue to pour in from Liberia:


Not to worry, the guy without the space suit who helped load Ebola-infected Amber Vinson onto the plane (fortunately this time she isn’t traveling coach) was following protocol:

[O]fficials confirmed the man was indeed following protocol and supposed to be there.

“His role is to oversee the process of transport including on the tarmac,” Randy Davis, vice president at Phoenix Air, told NBC News. “Part of our protocol is to have 1 person NOT in a bio-Hazard suit. “

A clever policy. Ebola would naturally expect everyone to be wearing a hazmat suit. This helps keep the virus off balance, always wondering what we’ll do next.

The unidentified man stood very near another hazmat-suited worker and then took what appeared to be a container from one of the suited workers. He placed it on the steps to the jet and walked out of view.

Then the hand that touched the container was decontaminated with a flamethrower. Or maybe not.

He then reappeared as one of the PPE-suited workers came off the plane with red hazmat bags. He took what appeared to be a not-yet-used red bag from the worker in protective gear, then handed it to the workers as they bagged up items from the ambulance ride.

Uh oh, now his other hand needs the flamethrower. Hopefully they brought it with them, because the guy got on the plane, where it is easy to imagine everybody else taking off their biohazard suits once out of view of the cameras.

Like everything else in this country since Obama took power, Ebola defenses are a farce.

On tips from Mr. Mentalo and Petterssonp. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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