America, Take The Car Keys From obama

The current White House occupant just loves to use the old “Republicans drove the economy into a ditch” analogy.:  Clever, memorable, and completely false.:  The truth is, thanks to the effects of current as well as the cumulative effects of ”progressive” economic and social engineering policies, America’s economy is on a steep downgrade, tearing along at full speed without any brakes.:  At the end is a total smash-up.

While it’s tempting to launch into an extended point by point dissertation dispelling the steady stream of sewage spewing forth from the oral orifice of the pathological liar in thief, you probably don’t have 24 hours or more to devote to that endeavor.:  For a quick, comprehensive review of the “progressive” policies which led to the economic crisis of 2008, try here:

For emperor less than zero to constantly blame his political opposition for the state of America’s economy is, to put it politely, disingenuous.:  For him to continue erecting straw man arguments against them shows that the facts are not on his side.:  Does anyone with but one funtioning brain cell really buy it when he flatly states that his opposition wants dirty air, dirty water, and a wreckless laisse faire economy where heartless corporate villians and ruthless billionaires chew up the proletariat and spit them out?:  What does he think this is, Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”?

Does he have such high disregard for the perceptive intelligence of America’s electorate that he expects them to believe people don’t care about the living conditions bequeathed by them upon their own children?:  This is more than throwing political red meat to a cheering crowd of recent Marxist converts….I mean college students.:  This is, with malice of forethought, intentional misrepresentation of the views of his opponents in order to avoid discussing how and why his policies are abjectly failing.

What are the risks to America when one political Party has been co-opted by Marxist extremists who not only lie through their teeth at every available opportunity, but completely disregards one of the basic constructs of our Republic; protection of the minority’s voice?

It goes beyond important.:  It exceeds crucial.:  It’s more urgent than critical, key or pivotal.:  Even vital falls short of describing the need to remove the “progressive” cancer devouring America’s body politic and destroying her economy, security and moral fabric.:  The 2012 election is going to decide America’s direction for decades to come.:  Are you going to stand up for America, or throw her under the bus?

America, take the car keys from obama.

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