As Obama plans to cut 40,000 troops, Michelle Obama spends $600K on THIS

As Obama plans to cut 40,000 troops, Michelle Obama spends $600K on THIS

Timeless snark below and right on point. I wrote on this yesterday. While I like the decor, it is extravagant, especially in light of cutting our military even further. To be fair, it was for more than a table… it was for carpeting, drapes, art, chandeliers, etc. But the timing is just disgraceful. Obama has already gutted our military to the point that we can’t defend ourselves – we don’t even have enough ships in the Navy for current conflicts and they want to put our troops on foreign vessels. So, now we want to cut 40,000 troops from the Army. God help us if a hot war breaks wide open.

Michelle Obama

From Allen West:

While some might be alarmed by the Obama administration’s freshly-announced plans to cut more than 40,000 troops over the next two years, there’s no need to fear that they’ve gone all Draconian on us suddenly.

Coming to us via The Daily Mail:

Michelle Obama has given a touch-up to the White House State Dining Room, the latest interior design change that will endure long after she leaves the building at a cost of $595,000.

Her modest changes to the room where many dinners and other events are held follow this year’s more dramatic remake of the Old Family Dining Room and the unveiling of the Obama china service.

Check out the photo below and decide for yourself whether you think the table’s worth $600K:

WH State Dining Room

Given the timing of this dining room table news — on the heels of the plans to cut more than 40,000 troops — perhaps we should give the Obamas some credit for understanding that when you spend more in one area, you need to cut in another.

Now, if we could just talk about priorities… I guess when you’re the Obamas and you have all your Hollywood elite friends to entertain, things like a new dining room table are important. Whereas troops to defend the enemy you don’t really want to beat anyway … not so much.

I agree, Obama has no intention of beating any of our enemies. He’s empowering them while weakening us. He’s just hoping we will get our butts kicked and that we will be subjugated. Priorities dictate the money be spent on the Obama’s and their cronies. Screw the military and America for that matter. It’s not just the dining rooms these Marxists have redone… they’ve redone the entire White House spending millions and millions, most of which they have hidden from view. Then they spend millions more dancing across the globe, partying and wining and dining their lives away while Americans can’t find work and go hungry. The term ‘despots’ doesn’t quite do them justice. But one day, justice will come and there will be an accounting. Can’t wait to read that story and see how it turns out.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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