As We Suffer, Gov’t Salaries/Jobs/Union Payoffs Grow

The City of Charlotte, North Carolina is still suffering an unemployment rate hovering around 12 percent. Jobs are hard to come by if you are a resident of the region, unless, of course, you work for the city government. Despite the hard times fatcats in government are still partying like it’s 1999! In fact, city salaries are likely to grow finds the Charlotte Observer.

For a whole year Charlotte City workers suffered under a pay hike freeze, but now the hard times are over as the City has announced that not only will the luxurious raises return, but more and more workers will be added to the rolls.

Let the celebration continue.

Last year’s employment rolls shows that Charlotte employed 6,702 employees. This year they’ve cut way, way back. Now the city only employs only a measely 6,700. But not to worry, the Mayor’s office expanded its staff. The way things are going the city will replace that big cut of two workers in short order.

Meanwhile, as mentioned, Charlotte’s unemployment rate for those lower down the rung of importance — you know, the taxpayers — is around a 12 percent rate.

Yep, it must be nice to be a City employee. Permanent raises are back, near unassailable job security and riches beyond that which those actually paying the bill are allowed.

That is government backed by cozy union rules in America in 2010. It isn’t just Charlotte, but is happening in cities all across the country. Some are actually cutting, granted, but others are just like Charlotte. Growing while its citizens suffer

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