At Fundraiser, Obama Tells Big Money Donors To Send Money To IRS

Just kidding. He decided to blame George Bush, 2 1/2 years after Mr. Obama took office

President Barack Obama said on Monday he inherited many of the country’s problems with high debt and deficits when he entered the White House, sounding a theme likely to dominate his 2012 re-election campaign.

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser, where families paid $15,000 to get a picture with him, Obama defended his economic record and noted that problems in Europe were affecting the United States.

“We do have a serious problem in terms of debt and deficit, and much of it I inherited,” Obama said. The financial crisis, he said, made the problem worse.

Did Obama inherit some of this mess? Of course he did, just like every president inherits something. Bush inherited rising gas prices, a implosion and recession, and an al Qaeda plot to attack the US mainland. Did Bush spend all his time Blaming Clinton, or, did he spend his time trying to actually fix the problems? That’s right, he rolled up his sleaves and got to work. He understood that Things Happen. And, I mean, jeez, look at poor Harry Truman, who inherited a world war and the responsibility to authorize or not the use of the first atomic bomb. Did he bitch and whine about FDR? Or just get to work and be the president?

Of course, what Obama said probably doesn’t even shock you anymore. The man refuses to take responsibility for anything, except when it props up his own monumental ego. When Obama loses in 2012, do you think the Republican will spend even the first two weeks of his/her administration Blaming Obama, or will he or she just get to work? I’d bet on the latter.

Obama, who is ramping up his fundraising after taking a hiatus while the debt-ceiling debate raged in Washington, said the deficit issue would provide a clear contrast for voters in the 2012 race for the White House.

“What we’re going to have is 16 months in which we debate this vision for America, and it’s going to be as fundamental a debate as 2008,” he said.

“In some ways it may be even a more profound debate because the contrast is going to be clear and it’s going to be sharp.”

And that is pretty much all Obama has at this time: debate. He still has no plans which could be scored by the CBO, but, he sure is good at throwing out worthless ideas

Obama is pressing for Congress to extend a payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance to help boost the economy, but he expressed skepticism that lawmakers would get a lot done.

This has been tried. It failed beyond reckoning. And he never actually says how extending unemployment insurance beyond the already lengthy, historic, if you will, 99 weeks would create jobs. Combined with his “let’s raise taxes” parrot-like talking points, that’s it, he’s shot his …..well, you know. Perhaps he could have asked his donors to send that $15K to the IRS instead.

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