Crack Cocaine as a Medium of Exchange

If we continue to let liberals run the country, there is little doubt that our currency will soon become worthless, as our rulers will continue to print it and spend it far faster than we can generate wealth for it to represent. What will we use for transactions? Once again Detroit — America’s most liberal city — lights the way to our Hopey Changey future:

It started as a counterfeiting case, but investigators say they found much more at the Big C Tire Shop on Detroit’s east side.

It sounded good at first, a local Detroit business hiring workers. But the catch, they don’t pay you with cash; they pay you with illegal drugs.

According to federal documents, if you cut the grass, you got a rock. Move tires, you get a rock.

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A rock is a helping of crack cocaine.

As is happening already with marijuana, crack will be made legal so that the government can tax it. Then the government will want to oversee production of the crack, to ensure equitable distribution. Before long the crack will be made out of sugar and insecticide, just as the currency Big Government churns out consists of promises and lies. That’s when crack will be replaced with the next medium of exchange.

Detroit dollars.

On a tip from Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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