Donald Trump Just Dropped Major Bombshell – Republicans SHOCKED!

Donald Trump Just Dropped Major Bombshell – Republicans SHOCKED!

Just wow. I can’t believe what I just heard here. Seriously? Trump is no dummy… he knows that the healthcare system wasn’t perfect before Obamacare, but it was the best in the world. If you were indigent without healthcare, hospitals and doctors were forced to still see you and work something out. No one was just letting people die in the streets. So, in one breath, Trump says we will repeal and replace Obamacare and in the next says he is for the mandate… that he likes it… and just a do over in regards to Obamacare. But he say trust him… this time it will work. Are you kidding me? Whatever happened to letting the free market determine healthcare? That worked. And it wasn’t that Republicans were mean or wanted to see people die in the streets… that’s not how it worked. I’m just speechless over this.


From RedState:

Last night Donald Trump was on CNN with Anderson Cooper. The subject of health care came up. Naturally it resulted in a dumpster fire of nitwit-ish blather from Trump and cowed silence from Anderson Cooper.

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COOPER: If Obamacare is repealed and there’s no mandate for everybody to have insurance what’s to… and why would insurance company not have a pre-existing insure somebody…

TRUMP: I like tne mandate. Okay, so here’s how I’m a little bit different. I don’t want people dying on the streets and I say this all the time. And I say this… Look I did five speeches maybe six speeches today we had a lot of rallies with thousands and thousands of people. I mean we get big crowds. Everytime I talk about this I get standing ovations. The Republican people, they’re wonderful people, they don’t want people dying on the streets. Sometimes they say, “Donald Trump wants single-payer.” Because there is a group of people, as good as these plans are, and by the way your insurance will go way down you’ll have better players, you’ll get your own doctor

You can’t call Obama a disaster and a liar and then just turn around and do exactly what he did. That’s hypocritical in the extreme. Ted Cruz wants to do away with every piece of Obamacare and that is the right approach. Trump made it clear that he is not for single payer healthcare and wants to allow private insurers to compete across state lines. But being for enforced insurance is not conservative and not American in my opinion. It is certainly not Constitutional in writ or spirit. This interview was meant to pander to moderates, independents and yes, leftists. As RedState correctly points out, the plan Trump refers to, the one that apparently suspends the idea of supply and demand and guarantees everyone a free lunch, simply does not exist. In the tech field it is a concept known as vaporware. Trump’s support of the individual mandate agrees with Chief Justice John Roberts… didn’t Trump just criticize Ted Cruz for supporting Roberts’ nomination while he was Texas Solicitor General? That was before we all found out that Roberts had been compromised. But Trump is agreeing with him after that. CNN seems to be playing to Trump and encouraging him here. I find this interview very alarming and revealing.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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