Eric Cantor Slams Obama In Washington Post Op-Ed

The amazing thing is that the Washington Post published the piece at all. Perhaps this is further proof that the political left is getting rather tired of Mr. Obama: Removing the obstacles to economic growth

Our country is facing two related but separate crises. The first is the federal government’s debt crisis, the result of decades of fiscal mismanagement by both political parties as well as unsustainable entitlement commitments. The second is the jobs crisis, which has resulted in painful levels of unemployment and underemployment. President Obama is wrong to think that the answer is to increase spending or raise taxes when so many millions of Americans are out of work.

See how Cantor pulls an Obama and only blames Democrats……oh, wait, he realized that the problem was both parties.

In fact, the Obama administration’s anti-business, hyper-regulatory, pro-tax agenda has fueled economic uncertainty and sent the message from the administration that “we want to make it harder to create jobs.” There is no other conclusion for policies such as the new Environmental Protection Agency regulations, including the “Transport Rule,” which could eliminate thousands of jobs, or the ozone regulation that would cost upward of $1 trillion and millions of jobs in the construction industry over the next decade. The administration’s new maximum achievable control technology standards for cement are expected to affect nearly 100 cement plants, setting over-the-top requirements resulting in increased costs and possibly thousands of jobs being offshored. There is the president’s silence as the National Labor Relations Board seeks to prevent Boeing from opening a plant in South Carolina that would create thousands of jobs. Such behavior, coupled with the president’s insistence on raising the top tax rate paid by individuals and small businesses, has resulted in a lag in growth that has added to the debt crisis, contributing to our nation’s credit downgrade.

Come on, Eric, it is simply unreasonable, mean spirited, and probably raaaaacist to boot, to mention specific instances where the Obama administration is going to cause major problems within the private sector.

Unfortunately, we have found President Obama to be an unwilling partner when it comes to getting America’s fiscal house in order. Since taking office, he has added trillions to the debt, ignored the recommendations of his own fiscal commission and put forth a budget that failed to address the drivers of our debt. Then we had to drag him to the table to make even the modest spending cuts that Standard & Poor’s says don’t go far enough.

Hey, don’t you realize that Obama is tired? He works so hard to travel around and give self serving speeches calling for bipartisanship then slamming those he wants to roll over and work with him.

But the politics of division have reared up, fueled by efforts to incite class warfare. For example, though he often talks about millionaires, billionaires and corporate jet owners paying their “fair share,” behind closed doors the president admits to wanting to raise taxes on individuals making $200,000 per year and families and small businesses earning $250,000 per year.

Eric should have challenged Obama to pay higher taxes himself right now. Put his money where his mouth is. The Politico, in their coverage of the op-ed, focuses mostly on the class warfare portion. Cantor continues on in explaining Obama’s class warfare tendencies, as well as mentioning that Obama wants more failed stimulus. Ed Morrissey calls this “The leaks of his rumored plan sound a lot like Porkulus II, a sequel to a flop.” Kinda like following up on the movie Heaven’s Gate with Cutthroat Island, two of the biggest flops ever. But, Cantor and the Republicans have actual, specific, real world ideas

That is why this fall the Republican Party will pursue a legislative agenda that boosts economic growth through reducing the regulatory and tax burden. We will make sure that Washington policies are less restrictive to businesses small and large. Our goals include repealing the “3 percent withholding rule,” which serves as an effective tax increase on those who do business with the government, and overturning the EPA’s proposed regulations that inhibit jobs in areas as varied as cement and farm dust. We plan to prevent the NLRB from inhibiting where a business chooses to create jobs. We well know that the Republican majority was not elected to raise taxes or take more money out of the pockets of hardworking families and business people. We were elected to change the way Washington does business and spends money.

The GOP needs to make sure they push this agenda hard the minute they come back from the August recess, even if there is zero chance of the legislation making it through the Democrat controlled Senate or Obama’s veto pen. Much of politics is optics, and they have to at least be seen as trying to do something that makes sense.

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