Good News: Obama’s Not Calm About Horrible Economy

No, really

Obama: It’s ‘nonsense’ I’m calm about state of economy

In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Ann Curry that aired Tuesday, President Barack Obama addressed the notion that he is unemotional about the human toll that the economic crisis has taken.

“I think ordinary folks understand I spend all my time thinking about this stuff, because I’m talking to these folks every single day,’’ he said. “When I see them at meetings, and they start crying, the notion, somehow, that I’m calm about that, is nonsense. But what is true is that as president, my job is to make sure that I am finding every good idea that we can to move the country forward.’’

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There’s a big difference between finding them and using them, Champ. Of course, ideas like removing foolish government restrictions, rules, and regulations (a common liberal misconception is that Conservatives want zero regulation: untrue. We want wise regulations that make sense and do not damage the private sector), stop playing with the tax code, and doing away with legislation that creates too much uncertainty in the private market (such as ObamaCare) would never occur to him. How would he know what works? He’s an extreme left ideologue who has never had to hire anyone.

When it comes to the psychological pain that joblessness, bankruptcy, hunger and homelessness have taken on the citizenry, Obama said he understood the emotional component and that he will be ultimately be judged on whether concrete strides are made in correcting the situation.

And then he flew off to Miami for three fundraisers. And jets off to Puerto Rico today for some more remarks, wrapped around a…fundraiser. But, he understands the emotional component much like I understand menstruation. It’s something women I date have had, and I’ve had to deal with the fallout, but, never actually experienced myself. Obama really should leave the “I can feel your pain” stuff to Bill Clinton. Some people can get away with certain things, others can’t. Professor Obama can’t.

“A lot of businesses out there, I think, want to invest,’’ he said. “They recognize that just sitting on that money is not doing a lot of good. Businesses have been more hesitant than I’d like them to be.

It’s all about Obama. Of course, he would like them to be less hesitant, because then perhaps the economy wouldn’t be in the dumps like it is. The above quote leads to this

With corporate growth not being matched by job creation, Curry questioned the president on whether he missed an important opportunity by focusing more on the health care crisis than job creation early in his administration.

“Everything I thought about over the first two years was how do we get the economy back on track’’ Obama said. “That’s what we focused on then, and that’s what we focus on now, but health care is part of our challenge. If companies are spending billions of dollars on rising health care costs, that’s money that they’re not putting into hiring the workers, or new plants, or equipment.’’

OK, so, you have your enormous health care bill, champ, which is supposed to reduce company costs, yet, companies are sitting on lots of money. It couldn’t be that your monstrous sized legislation has created…hesitancy, could it?

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