Good Thing Obama’s Jobs Bill Isn’t About His Election

That was Wednesday, a tweet from Obama’s official 2012 campaign Twitter account. But, remember, his jobs bill isn’t about him getting re-elected. But, if you love him, you’ll help him pass the bill. Which is kinda weird on its own

Not for the first time, Obama called back to an audience member who shouted “I love you” with “I love you back.”

On Wednesday he added, “But if you love me you’ve got to help me pass this bill.”

What’s weirder is that he was talking to a group of college students, people getting degrees in higher education, about …… construction jobs. Paving roads, painting bridges, and building turtle tunnels under roads. Um, OK. On the local news here in Raleigh, many of these college kids had the ObamaLuv going, but, many others said it was a stale, rehashed speech.

Meanwhile, Obama has a few issues in Blue states

Barack Obama has a case of the blue state blues.

In Democratic strongholds from Vermont to California–not to mention New York City, where the president helped sink his party’s nominee in Tuesday’s special election–Obama isn’t quite tanking, but he’s moving unmistakably in the wrong direction.

Those aren’t the only deep blue places where dissatisfaction in the Democratic base on everything from health care to Afghanistan to the environment is eating away at what should be far healthier polling numbers.

The issue isn’t whether the president will lose the collection of reliably blue states next November–he won’t. There isn’t a Republican in the race who can make a place like Connecticut or Maryland competitive.

But pollsters point to the canary-in-the-coalmine factor: if Obama can’t hold these voters, they say, it’s a sign that his wider support among the reliably Democratic electorate of liberals, labor, young people, Jews, African-Americans and other key blocs is withering. They won’t be there in large numbers to put him over the top again in borderline states, and they won’t be there to feed his campaign money and provide volunteer support at the levels they did in 2008.

Certainly, he will win most, if not all of those Blue states. The margin could be much smaller than previous. And whoever the GOP presidential candidate is will spend little time in those states, wanting to make sure they win all the states Bush won in 2004, and some of the tossups. Well, the tossup, which will be Pennsylvania. But, with Obama losing support in Blue Blue states, the GOP can work to pull better support in the states that flipped to Obama, such as North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and Nevada, among others.

Quite a few of those same people who supported Obama in 2008, especially the students, are now dealing with the fallout from the policies of Obama and the Democrats, such as unemployment and lower wages, and see exactly what “hope and change” is really all about.

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