“Google And The Antitrust Case Against Antitrust”

Fine piece by Wayne Crews on dopey antitrust pursuit of high-tech companies, particularly Google.

Furthermore, Google appears vulnerable, because the characteristics of searches to be conducted on tomorrow’s Internet will not entirely resemble today’s. You can drive a big Google Earth van through the hole to be opened up by future search-technology opportunities.

Even if Google weren’t vulnerable, the right to compete should be ironclad in America. By stopping it, we undermine the inevitable, pro-consumer competitive responses to Google.

It wasn’t all that long ago that many of us were locked in to the: Yahoo: and AltaVista search engines. : This year,: Microsoft: has touted Bing’s market share against Google. That’s only Microsoft; It and other firms could create search alliances, should it come to that.

Upheaval is unpredictable. I remember back in 1997 when: Bill Gatesinvested $150 million in: Apple: as a gesture “to strengthen Apple’s viability.”

Back when Microsoft was the Google of the day.

Today, Apple’s market capitalization is $380 billion, higher even than Exxon-Mobil.: Its value is $20 billion shy of Microsoft and Google: combined.

Antitrust’s crystal ball is cracked more than anyone else’s.: And antitrust the: institution: is ultimately more: predatory and anti-consumer than transitory dominance inevitably battered by “creative destruction.”

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