Hey, Ms. Scozzafava, How’s that “Stimulus” Working out for NY?

When I read that GOP leaders in upstate New York had tapped a state legislator who backed the Democrats’ spendthrift “so-called stimulus,” I was astounded both how out of tune they were with the rank and file of our party and how clueless they were to the concerns of independent voters. They probably thought that by picking a social liberal, they could appeal to more moderate voters, as if the entirety of the party’s problems were related to its backing of social conservative causes and candidates.

Well, since Ms.Dede Scozzafava, the aforementioned state legislator, backed the “stimulus,” let’s check Recovery.gov to see just how this $787 billion plan is working out for her state. With the Empire State receiving $59,970,000 in federal funds (of $750,000,000 awarded from this budget boondoggle, 656, that’s right, 656 jobs, by the government’s count, have been created (or saved). That’s only 17.644 fewer jobs than the number of private sector jobs lost in the month of September (2009) alone. That’ll should put a big dent in the state’s 8.9% unemployment rate.

That should provide one clue why rank and file Republicans (as well as a plurality of independents) aren’t satisfied with the GOP nominee in the upcoming special election in the state’s 23rd congressional district?

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