Know What’s Awesome? Being Unemployed!

Seriously, that’s the theme of this blog post at Fox News,

A growing group of jobless across the nation are joining a self-proclaimed movement: ‘funemployment.’ It’s a group of jovial unemployed who say they’re finally doing what they’ve always wanted to do – whether it is blogging or starting a nonprofit.

Christy Annis knows this all too well. After graduating from Tulane law school and practicing for more than a decade, she got laid off last year. But now, she said losing her jobs was one of the best things that happened to her.

“I love waking up everyday and it’s just – what am I going to create today?,” Annis said. “I have so many opportunities. The internet and blogs and Twitter and Facebook; it’s very powerful and it is so easy for people to get information and to find people doing things. You can do anything you want right now.”

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So, should you be going, “Oh no, I just lost my job” or “Oh boy, I just lost my job! Wheeeeee!”

Honest answer: It depends.

It’s no fun to have bills you can’t pay, to see your savings rapidly dwindling, or worry that you can’t take care of your family. If you’re in that position and don’t know when you’re going to be able to get another job, it’s tough duty. Take that from someone who’s been poor enough to have seriously considered living in my car at one point.

However, let me offer up an alternative view as well, one that I’ve actually shared with a couple of friends who’ve been out of a job in recent months.

If you’re out of a job, don’t have a family to support, and your bills are being paid via unemployment, keep looking for a job, but don’t sit around crying in your beer about not being able to find one yet. In your adult life, you’re not going to have a lot of opportunities to take large blocks of time off. In fact, a lot of people go through their entire adult lifetime, until they retire without ever getting more than a week off in a year’s time. If you get to have a month or two off, count your blessings.

PS: All that being said, I don’t remember anyone ever talking about ‘funemployment’ when a Republican was in office.

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