Latest Excuse For Obama Jobs Distraction? The Rest Of The World

No, really. Now, this is not an excuse that Team Obama is making themselves, but one that Josh Gerstein at The Politico provides, but, surely Team Obama will integrate it into their litany of Blamestorming talking points regarding Why Obama Fails

Freed at last from the debt ceiling negotiations, President Barack Obama is vowing an unrelenting focus on jobs (insert canned studio audience laughtrack here). But the world may not cooperate.

A series of foreign crises are intensifying, and a diplomatic confrontation looms that could have profound consequences across the Middle East.

Well, really, does anything ever co-operate with Obama’s laser-like focus on jobs? Even his idea to create a gazillion (slightly more than a sh*tload) jobs by putting people to work for the government is failing, as public sector workers are being laid off left and right, due to States running out of money because so many citizens are unemployed and people are being judicious with their purchasing, along with austerity plans. Virtually everything the man has touched has failed. Even giving him almost a trillion dollars to create jobs has failed.

Meanwhile, Josh lists some of the issues which act as shiny quarters in distracting Obama’s laser like focus, such as the Arab spring….wait, that was last year. The Syrian uprising issues, which Obama mostly has ignored till this past week.

And Iran, which dominated much of Obama’s foreign policy effort in his first two years, says its nuclear program is advancing.

It “dominated”? Anyone remember that?

Then you have Libya. Remember Libya? Remember it would be “days, not weeks”? How about “months, not days”, because we are approaching the 5 month anniversary of Obama’s Big War Of Choice on August 19th.

“The president wants to focus the conversation on jobs and what he’s doing to revive the economy, and he keeps running into squalls that change the conversation,” said James Lindsay, of the Council on Foreign Relations. “Presumably, he didn’t anticipate he’d lose much of the summer wrangling over the debt ceiling issue. Foreign policy has the potential to do the same thing: Something is either going to blow up or dominate the headlines.”

So, is Lindsay saying that The Smartest Man In The World. Evah! is incapable of multi-tasking? That he is unable to deal with more than one issue at a time? That he doesn’t delegate? Who would have thought that possible for a man with no executive experience or experience being in charge of anything.

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