Listen To The Answer Senator Jeff Sessions Gets When He Asks Obama’s EPA Chief If Climate Change Temperature Models Have Been Accurate [Video]

Gina McCarthy is a fatuous, dithering, incompetent moron. She doesn’t have a shred of solid proof for any of her assertions. She wants more money for climate change simply because Barack Obama said so. Thank goodness for the honorable Jeff Sessions of Alabama. He’s brilliant, has a spine, ethics and he’s not intimidated by some EPA, jack-booted, militant thug like Gina McCarthy. Hell no, she shouldn’t get any more money… in fact, the EPA should be cut off at the knees. They are right up there with the White House, the DOJ, the DHS and the IRS in their level of corruption and they need to be eliminated. This country cannot withstand carbon taxes and all these burdensome, ridiculous regulations that are destroying our energy sector. McCarthy can get stuffed.


From TheBlaze:

When Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) pressed EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on whether past climate change “models” predicting how fast temperatures would increase have turned out to be accurate, she couldn’t provide an answer. It was only one part of a tense exchange on climate change between McCarthy and the GOP senator during an Environment and Public Works Committee meeting on Wednesday.

Sessions also asked McCarthy about data that he claimed indicates that the moisture content of soil around the world might be even greater than in the past. But when the EPA chief again said she didn’t know what he was talking about, Sessions raised his voice a few decibels.

“Well, you need to know! Because you are asking this economy to sustain tremendous cost and you don’t know whether or not the soil worldwide is more moist or less moist?” Sessions said.

When pressed about the decrease in hurricanes, McCarthy replied, “I cannot answer that question. It’s a very complicated issue.”

She managed to provide yet another non-answer on the issue of past climate change models that made predictions on how quickly temperatures would rise.

“I do not know what the models actually are predicting that you are referring to,” McCarthy said, adding that there are several different models. She would later reiterate, “I cannot answer that question specifically.”

“This is a stunning development, that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency — who should know more than anybody else in the world, who is imposing hundreds of billions of dollars in cost to prevent this climate temperature increase — doesn’t know whether their projections have been right or wrong,” Sessions said.

McCarthy is not familiar with levels of moisture, hurricane occurrences, real temperature change or weather models. She has been at this an awfully long time and yet comes across as absolutely clueless. She is trying to defend the indefensible and is failing miserably at it. She’s also condescending to Sessions – very complicated, my arse. Obviously, she didn’t even bother coming prepared for this meeting. Probably didn’t think anyone had the stones to call her on her bogus, craptastic claims. But Sessions did and he’s right about asking her exactly where she thinks the money will come from. She throws out austerity as some kind of justification – she’s a twit. There is no money. This has nothing to do with austerity – your boss has already bankrupted us. I’ve never heard so many non-answers and such deflection in my life. This woman should not be allowed to head the EPA or any other agency.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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