Man With No Business Experience Acts Alone To Boost Business

Alternate title: President Runs Against Democrat Senate On Job Creation. Alternate Alternate Title: Obama Owns The Economy

(The Politico) President Barack Obama rounded out the first week of his new “we can’t wait” campaign against Congress with the launch Friday of two initiatives aimed at boosting businesses.

Well, that’s certainly the best way to run for re-election: hose your comrades who control the Senate, making their re-election campaigns even more difficult. Remember, the Dems are defending 23 seats to the Republicans 10. Also, though the Democrats are a minority in the House, Obama’s slurring of the House hurts them.

Anyhow, what is Obama’s wonderful new idea to boost employment?

Building on orders released earlier this week to help homeowners facing foreclosure, borrowers with heavy student loan burdens and unemployed veterans, Obama ended the week by issuing memoranda calling on federal agencies to speed the transfer of government research into commercial products, and to create a website that will help businesses access information about government programs and services.

“With too many families struggling and too many businesses fighting to keep their doors open, we can’t wait for Congress to take action,” Obama said in a statement. “Today, I am directing my administration to take two important steps to help American businesses create new products, compete in a global economy, and create jobs here at home.”

Obama, and the Politico, forgot to include exactly how any of this will decrease unemployment, spark hiring, and rev up the economy. But, it is not particularly shocking that his plans all revolve around the federal government.

One of Obama’s Friday memos calls on agencies to accelerate the process of moving new technologies developed by the government and entities funded by government to the marketplace, in part by cutting in half the time for startups to receive grants. The memo also gives federal agencies greater flexibility to collaborate with businesses and local communities. It also orders agencies to create five-year plans on commercializing research and to keep tabs on how many patents each federal lab generates.

The president’s second memo directs administration agencies to work together to create BusinessUSA, a portal website guiding businesses of all sizes to resources to help them hire, grow and manage exports. The website was a recommendation of Obama’s jobs council. It was put forward when the president announced the $447 billion American Jobs Act last month and is expected to launch within the next 90 days.

Because, as we all know, government is the only entity to have ever invented something. And creating a website run by people who, for the most part, have never worked in the private sector, never had to make a budget, never had to make a profit, is as absurd as the rest of Obama’s ideas. However, what this all means is that Obama owns this economy.

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