Meeting the EPA’s Decrees

Increasingly, elected politicians are just figureheads. The real power festers in a vast and ever-expanding swamp known as the federal bureaucracy, which crawls with faceless, unelected petty tyrants who are choking the life out of our once-free nation. The most tyrannical among them can be found at the EPA, which recently issued outlandish new edicts regarding fuel efficiency:

The new standards … call for a 35.5 miles-per-gallon average within six years, up nearly 10 mpg from now.

This will come as a surprise to liberals, but it’s much easier to dictate 35 mpg than it is to actually make a car that gets that kind of mileage, yet meets the needs of consumers. There will always be tradeoffs; one is cost, a significant consideration during hard economic times.

The rules will cost consumers an estimated $434 extra per vehicle in the 2012 model year and $926 per vehicle by 2016, the government said. … The changes will cost the auto industry about $52 billion…

No problem for nationalized GM and Chrysler; they aren’t required to be profitable anymore, just to keep union members on the payroll while we pick up the bills.

Another tradeoff is safety, as cars must come more and more to resemble rolling beer cans to be light enough to meet the EPA’s imperious decrees. A few examples of new models intended to meet the requirements:






On a much more serious note, those with strong stomachs are invited to look here and here and if you aren’t hungry anyway even here at what could happen to your loved ones if they are unfortunate enough to find themselves in a car designed to save the polar bears from capitalism when an accident occurs. Moonbattery kills.

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