Moonbats On The March: Violence At G20

In a city during a meeting where the Left’s favorite incompetent leader (more on that at The Telegraph) is pushing to continue big spending and deficits (most of the other G20 countries have realized that continuing big spending and deficits might turn them into the next Greece), much of which helps those on the Left and their agenda, Lefties and ultra lefties turned what was a “mostly peaceful” demonstration (of fascist/socialist/progressive ideals) into a violence laden day

The streets of downtown Toronto were quiet early Sunday morning just hours after rioting by militant protesters threw the city’s core into chaos.

Police securing the G-20 leaders’ summit now say they’ve arrested 412 people in connection with yesterday’s violence.

On Saturday black-clad demonstrators broke off from a crowd of peaceful protesters and torched police vehicles and smashed windows with baseball bats and hammers.

Police used shields, clubs, tear gas and pepper spray to push back the rogue protesters who tried to head south towards the security fence surrounding the perimeter of the Group of 20 summit site.

Some demonstrators hurled bottles at police.

Ever notice that so many of these protests by the left turn out this way, particularly during any type of world leaders financial meeting? These black clad and covered face folks always show up, cause violence and destruction, and are gently chided by the same news organization that provide the coverage, not too mention that the lefty leaders never tell them to just stay away. You don’t see this at TEA Parties. No one is covering their face. They aren’t rioting.

“These criminals attach themselves to legitimate protests for the sole purpose of engaging in acts of violence and destruction,” Toronto Police Chief William Blair said.

Yet, their ultimate goals are the same as the “legitimate protesters,” namely, a far far left progressive agenda. That said, what were they actually protesting? The message was all over the map. Lot’s of Che shirts and signs, get out of Afghanistan, morons who cover themselves in oil, gay rights folks against the G20 (but don’t say why)….oh, there it is. “Economic Justice.” Let’s see, they planned to demonstrate against incarcerating criminals, and, of course, the whole planet is a prison, too! Gender justice. Social and economic justice. Climate justice. Really, the whole schedule of events, not to mention the language used, reads like someone was reading Karl Marx.

Saturday’s protest march, sponsored by labor unions and dubbed “family friendly,” was the largest demonstration planned during the weekend summits.

Its organizers had hoped to draw a crowd of 10,000, but only about half that number turned out on a rainy day.

I blame climate change for the low attendance. Snicker.

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