No Cure for the Summertime of Recovery Blues

Comrade Obama’s “Summer of Recovery” is not going down in history as one of our happiest seasons. As the Virtuous Republic observes,

It’s as if Obama and Biden hosted a backyard barbeque and served burnt burgers, raw bratwurst, [and] warm pop and the picnic table was filthy and surrounded by flies and yet it was called a good time. This is in essence, what Obama and Biden are doing with our bad economy by calling it the “Summer of Recovery.”

Employment has fallen to the floor and it isn’t getting up. Now that the temporary Census jobs are done, even government employment is down. The only reason the unemployment stats don’t keep climbing is that ever more people have stopped looking for work. Why bother, when Big Government has its “boot on the neck” of employers and unemployment comp will apparently be extended forever?

Via the Washington Examiner, this graph helps us visualize the “Summer of Recovery”:


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Things aren’t going any better for us overseas. The “Good War,” the one Dems are supposedly willing to fight, is turning into a losing proposition under the sick joke Commander in Chief O’Bammy:

As of July 31, almost half of all U.S. fatalities in Afghanistan have happened on President Barack Obama’s watch. Since Obama took office in January 2009, 558 U.S. troops have died in Afghanistan, out of 1,127 since the war began nine years ago, according to’s tally.

And the violence is escalating. July 2010 was the deadliest month for U.S forces in Afghanistan, with 66 combat and non-combat fatalities.

It will take some very deft spinning by the media to prevent the Summer of Recovery from leading to the Autumn of Discontent on election day.

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