Obama Asks For Patience On Jobs, Then Hits The Links

So, how did Obama’s Saturday go, as his approval rating dropped below 50%?

President Barack Obama on Saturday urged Americans to show patience over the economy and argued that his just-concluded Asia trip was critical for U.S. exports, countering criticism he had returned empty-handed.

With unemployment at a generation high of 10.2 percent and once-lofty popularity ratings down, Obama said a December White House forum will leave no stone unturned in the hunt for jobs.

“Even though it will take time, I can promise you this: we are moving in the right direction; that the steps we are taking are helping,” Obama said in his weekly address, amid signs that the public is getting impatient for results.

Got that, folks? He’s working his tail off, doing everything necessary. Yeah, about that, Lynn Sweet reports (and appears to be the only one doing so)

Your pooler has been informed that POTUS golfed at Andrews with trip director Marvin Nicholson, legislative affairs staffer Eugene Kang and campaign photographer David Katz.

Being president is a tough job, and everyone needs some down time, but, being president is a tough job, and a lot is required. He campaigned for the job (after lying about not running until his first term as a Senator was completed,) but he seems to want all the trappings of being president, but, not the responsibilities.

Don’t forget, he said that the Generational Theft Act needed to be passed RIGHT NOW back in February, without debate, saying things like

“I believe that legislation of this enormous magnitude, that by necessity we are moving quickly — we’re not moving quickly because we’re trying to jamb something down people’s throats.:  We’re moving quickly because we’re told that if we don’t move quickly, that the economy is going keep on getting worse, and we’ll have another 2 or 3 or 4 million jobs loss this year.”

Yet, while the economy looks to be recovering, for the moment, and let’s hope we do not see a doubly dip, private sector jobs are still not there. What jobs are supposedly being created are mostly government jobs, and temporary ones, at that.

Of course, on the flip side, the more time he spends doing other things, the less time he has to damage the United States as we know it.

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