Obama To Give Major Economic Campaign Speech, Which Contains Nothing New

It’s been a bad few weeks months years for Obama on the economy. Nothing seems to be working. And it seems that every week over the last few months has been labeled as a “really bad week” by, well, everyone, including the MSM and Democrat pundits. We were treated to O’s “the private sector is doing fine” comment last week. Unemployment is still stagnant. The James Carville group Democracy Corps released a report saying Obama should talk about anything but the economy. And now, with Obama’s economic policy and message in complete freefall, we get

(USA Today) President Obama will seek to draw economic contrasts with Republican opponent Mitt Romney in what campaign aides are billing as a major speech on Thursday.

In announcing the address at a community college in Cleveland, the Obama campaign said the president will describe his vision as “ensuring that our economy is built to last and restoring economic security for the middle class.”

Obama also plans to condemn Romney’s vision, which the campaign said is “based on the same failed economic policies that brought on the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

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And what will this “major speech” propose?

Obama is not expected to unveil any new policy proposals of his own; the president is still trying to persuade Congress to adopt elements of a jobs bill he proposed last year.

Essentially, the Obama presidency/2012 election has become Seinfeld: a campaign/administration about nothing. As Ed Morrissey points out

Well, the Senate is controlled by his own party. If they haven’t passed Obama’s agenda – indeed, his own team seems entirely disinterested in it, to the extent they know about it at all – maybe that’s a hint that some new thinking is required.

Obama’s jobs bill is sticky note. His “to do” list is right there on the front page of the White House website. That’s not a plan. It’s not even really a rough outline. Unshockingly, the RNC has released a new web video slamming Obama

And, let’s not forget, Team Romney has shown themselves to be very agile when it comes to immediately responding to Team Obama. Except a video within an hour or two after Obama’s speech about nothing slamming Obama for having no new ideas. And, I’ll bet it includes something about Obama spending the day campaigning while pretending to care about One World Trade Center, since Obama will head to view 1WTC after the speech in Cleveland, as Obama has several fundraisers planned in NYC that night.

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