Obama To Whine About GOP Blocking New Jobs Bill Today, Activists Smack Him In Buffalo

This is not a repeat from early 2009

President Barack Obama on Thursday will urge Congress to move forward on new job creation measures and pounce on Republicans for “obstructing efforts to rebuild” the U.S. economy, a White House official said.

Wait, wasn’t the point of the Stimulus to create jobs? And the health care bill? And a whole host of other bills? It’s almost like they haven’t created any legislation that has actually stimulated jobs creation in the private sector.

Obama travels on Thursday to Buffalo, New York, where he will give a speech on the economy that highlights his administration’s achievements after the most recent U.S. jobs report showed the largest increase in jobs in four years, the official said.

If that is the case, then why a new jobs bill? Unless it is being used as cover to just spend more money that we do not have on more left wing priorities? Na, the Democrats wouldn’t do that, would they?

Perhaps, instead of doing his typical attack schtick (hey, whatever happened to that “post-partisan” thing, anyway?), he could reach out and craft a real jobs bill with Republicans, and extend the Bush tax cuts like he promised during the campaign.

Meanwhile, have you heard of I Need A Freakin Job? You might be thinking that they are typical whiners, but, no. They have a great platform, great ideas, and, oh, hey, a new billboard in Buffalo

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