Obama Weekly Address: Hey, I Work With Both Parties On The Economy

Is this a pivot, which would make it his 22nd, or just a shiny distraction type weekly address? He could have talked about the failures of his signature legislation? Or perhaps the nuclear option (yet another shiny distraction) and how his words from 2005 do not mean anything? Maybe Iran? Say, whatever happened to that Syria thing? Drone strikes in Pakistan? The ACLU suing the NSA?

Perhaps he could have explained why Obamacare shouldn’t be repealed since the majority hate it. Or allow Keystone XL? Stop suing over voter ID. Nope, we get this, perhaps the funniest thing, in a sad clown kind of way, that you will read today (unsurprisingly, no video shows on the video page at time of posting, though it is on the main WH page)

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Weekly Address: Working with Both Parties to Keep the Economy Moving Forward

Hi, everybody. Over the past couple months, most of the political headlines you’ve read have probably been about the government shutdown and the launch of the Affordable Care Act. And I know that many of you have rightly never been more frustrated with Washington.

But if you look beyond those headlines, there are some good things happening in our economy. And that’s been my top priority since the day I walked into the Oval Office.

Translation: please, for the love of a State Approved Deity, don’t read the news on Obamacare. BTW, I despise that “hi, everybody”. I’m not one for presidents and politicians acting all high and mighty, they’re supposed to be our servants, but, it’s just entirely too casual.

Typical Obama blather follows, then we get

Imagine how much farther along we could be if both parties were working together. Think about what we could do if a reckless few didn’t hold the economy hostage every few months, or waste time on dozens of votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act rather than try to help us fix it.

So, he hasn’t been working with both parties? The headline is mule fritters? And he goes and insults those who do not agree with his idiot economic ideas?

In the weeks ahead, I’ll keep talking about my plan to build a better bargain for the middle class. Good jobs. A good education. A chance to buy a home, save, and retire. And yes, the financial security of affordable health care. And I’ll look for any willing partners who want to help.

Mr. Obama, the House has sent at least 20 bills over to the Senate that deal with the economy. How about telling Harry Reid to bring them up for a vote? Anyhow, it’s hard to get willing partners to dance with you when you walk up and insult their clothing, wouldn’t you say?

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