Obama’s “Economic Recovery” is Destroyed in These 9 Charts

Obama’s “Economic Recovery” is Destroyed in These 9 Charts

Obama likes to pretend that he’s been our economic savior, but the reality is quite different. And the myth of his economic recovery is shattered in these nine charts.


As we close out Fiscal Year 2015, I’d like to remind you that a picture is worth a thousand words. So here is Obama’s economic recovery in 9 charts. Hey Chuck Todd and Martha Radditz, perhaps y’all should be addressing this – along with Russia dropping bombs in Syria – rather than the stupid topic of Muslim presidents. Maybe, just maybe, the liberal progressive media doesn’t want to address these 9 key points. Gee, ya think?


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But of course, don’t expect the liberal media to so much as mention any of this. As far as they’re concerned, Obama is perfect and the economy is wonderful. What are you going to believe, your eyes, or what they tell you?

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