Ohio Gov., GOP Candidate For Pres. John Kasich Says it’s ‘Not Even Human’ to Deport Illegals

Ohio Governor John Kasich wants your vote to become the GOP nominee for president. But he also favors amnesty–at the same time he tries to pretend he doesn’t–and says it isn’t “human” to deport illegals.

Kasich appeared on CBS recently to talk about his ideas on immigration reform. On one hand he said it isn’t fair that illegals get to go to the head of the line for citizenship, yet on the other he said the USA should stop deporting illegals because he doesn’t think it’s “human” to deport them.

GARRETT (voice-over): “Ohio Governor John Kasich told CBS that unlike Trump, he supports a path to obtain legal status.”

KASICH: “I don’t favor citizenship because as I tell my daughters, you don’t jump the line to go to a Taylor Swift concert, you just don’t do it.”

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GARRETT (voice-over): “But opposes any effort to deport undocumented immigrants living here now.”

KASICH: “The idea that we would go out in cars and hunt people down, it’s not doable. And secondly, I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s human.”

So, with this mixed message it is plain that he favors amnesty and automatic citizenship. Despite his silly Taylor Swift reference, his ideas of refusing to deport illegals and his support of giving them jobs and federal freebies thee isn’t anywhere else he could really go.

In fact, after that exchange, he proved what he really feels by saying illegals “contribute a lot” to the country.

“I would prefer for them to be legalized once we find out who they are because they can — I think they contribute a lot to America,” Kasich told CNN’s Dana Bash on “The Lead.” “They’re hard workers, they’re God-fearing, they’re family-oriented. If they committed a crime, they’ve got to be deported or put in prison, but the only reason I say that is we have to solve this.”

Despite his weasel wording of it all, Kasich clearly supports amnesty.

Kasich has a lot of other problems, too. He supports Obama’s Common Core miseducation program. Despite claiming he cut taxes (which in particular instances he did) he also raised taxes in other areas to cover the loss. He defeated his own state party’s effort to stop Medicaid expansion and happily signed on to the boondoggle–then claimed that anyone who opposes him isn’t a good Christian!

So, if you oppose big government programs, Kasich thinks you aren’t a real Christian.

In the end, Kasich is one of the worst of this large field of GOP contenders.

Warner Todd Huston

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