Pia for Pennsylvania’s First District

Pia Varma, an American of Indian background… not not a redskin, an actual Indian… wants you to send her to Congress, Pennsylvania. And so she has announced her run for Pennsylvania’s First District Congressional seat (Philadelphia).

She tells us that her grandfathers were fighters in the Indian Independence movement of the 1960s, though she was born here from parents that immigrated from England. Pia proudly calls herself an American.

From what I can see, she has the right idea about what this “United States of America” thingie is all about…

Now THIS is the sort of ideals we want to see making its way to Congress. It seems to me Pia’s principles are those that have been absent from Washington D.C. since, oh, since around 1933.

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Well, I like her! VOTE PIA for Pennsylvania!

Here is her explanation of why she wants to run in Philly…

Why Philly?

I have chosen to run as the Congress representative of Pennsylvania’s First District for several reasons, including the fact that Philadelphia is the birthplace of liberty and home to the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall. It was in this district that George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and others rallied for a radical idea called, ‘America’.

Today the First District has the distinction of being the second hungriest district in the nation. For too many years has this district been abused by those who have ravaged this birthplace of the American dream under the guise of brotherly love.

I have personal experience dealing with the injustice and wrongdoings currently occurring in the First District. In an attempt to revitalize the city by bringing a green real estate project to the district (without grants or government aid), I came head to head with the inner politics that go on here every day behind the scenes. The Industrial Empowerment Zone, a nation-wide government program started by President Clinton, was meant to bring industry back to Philadelphia but we know industry is not coming back. Philadelphia has been given millions of dollars in federal funds to essentially blight neighborhoods causing homeowners and landlords to drastically lose property value. These properties are being purchased by well connected insiders at bargain-basement prices at the expense of the residents of the First District. Our project was rejected by the zoning board the day after Michael Nutter promised to make Philadelphia the greenest city in the nation in his inaugural address. Today, the land still sits vacant.

I have championed civil liberties, constitutional rights, the right for all to be equal and to have equal access to all the benefits that America has to offer. I want to champion these for the First District.

I’m taking back America’s birthplace.

Yep, count me as an admirer.

And the first person that says she’s hoooooot gets a slap upside the head. Oh, wait. I just said it. DOH!

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