President Abracadabra: “Hey, Here’s Another $500 Million For Manufacturing”

Following the previous post, we see once again that Obama just doesn’t understand how the private sector works, and thinks he can just blink his eyes and things magically happen

President Obama on Friday will announce the launch of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), an initiative that would provide more than $500 million to encourage investments in promising technologies.

It is the administration’s second initiative in less than a month intended to boost U.S. manufacturing.

In a speech at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the president will outline a plan whereby the federal government, industry and universities can work together to better determine needed areas of investment.

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“Today, I’m calling for all of us to come together – private-sector industry, universities and the government – to spark a renaissance in American manufacturing and help our manufacturers develop the cutting-edge tools they need to compete with anyone in the world,” Obama will say, according to prepared remarks.

This is simply a continuation of Obama’s core idea: throw money around, and Something Will Happen (remember, Liberals tend to think in capital letters).

“With these key investments, we can ensure that the United States remains a nation that ‘invents it here and manufactures it here’ and creates high-quality, good-paying jobs for American workers,” the president will say.

What he means are good union jobs, that end up killing the industry. But, of course, he thinks that throwing $500 million around will magically create a product that will …… be manufactured in China, because US government regulation tends to stifle manufacturing domestically.

“If we can lead in these kinds of technologies, we can revitalize manufacturing and make America the destination of choice for people who want to make things,” the official said.

Except for that pesky high corporate tax rate. All the regulations. Unionization. Regulations. Laws. Remember when light bulbs used to be manufactured in the USA? Televisions? Companies are often given huge tax breaks by states to attract them, such as auto manufacturers.

“The government isn’t doing this by its lonesome,” one official said. “We’ll leave it to the private sector to determine the winners and give them tools to work with.”

See? Nothing can be solved without Government. And, of course, their ideas are

Initial investments would include small high-powered batteries, advanced composites, metal fabrication, bio-manufacturing and alternative energy, the officials said.

The same old same old. If these ideas were so wonderful magical moneymakers, the private sector would be all over them, without throwing $500 million around like Monopoly money.

Starting this summer, the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, Agriculture, Commerce and other agencies will coordinate, with the aim of gathering $300 million to invest with industry.

Perhaps they should spend that money on…..defense, homeland security, and the missions those agencies are tasked with.

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