Reject the Occupy Wall Street Haters!

-By Warner Todd Huston

As each day passes we see more of the violence, theft, property destruction and anti-Semitism of these Occupy-Whatevers. We are learning that these Occupy events are run by ACORN, big labor and various anti-American groups such as communists, socialists, and what have you.

Worse there are instances of rape going on at these events and the Occupiers refuse to help the victims find justice by involving the police.

So, why are Democrats and the Old Media still falling all over themselves in love with these haters at the Occupy events?

Well, one group tired of the hate is Freedom Works.

It’s time we reject the hate coming from Occupy Wall Street, a movement, which to represent 99% of Americans. After three years of being accused of racism, violent rhetoric, and holding America hostage, a movement has finally risen to the occasion: Occupy Wall Street.

Beyond the class warfare rhetoric of the radical left, Occupy Wall Street is now lashing out at the Jewish people.

Sign this petition to say that Occupy Wall Street does NOT speak for you!

It’s about time that people were made fully aware about just what these things are.

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