Romney Reminds People About Obama’s Greek Columns

…and for a good reason. Though, somehow, it’s probably raaaaacist

(Washington Times) Mitt Romney, routinely dismissed as a bit stiff and humorless on the stump, is suddenly cracking up his campaign trail crowds.

On Saturday, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate delighted supporters at a rally in Powell, Ohio, with a Greek-themed jibe at President Obama.

After hearing some pro-Obama hecklers in the audience, the former Massachusetts governor fired back:

“This is kinda like the Greek chorus in the background,” he said, referring to the protesters.

“It reminds me of Obama’s address four years ago in Denver. Remember, he was speaking in front of those Greek columns? … Everything they do reminds us of Greece and we’re not going back Greece, we’re going to get America back to being America,” he said as the crowd roared its approval.

Oh, come on, Mitt, we’re not that bad. 8.3% unemployment nationally, only 3 states with a real unemployment rate under 10%, $5+ trillion in new debt, $220 trillion in liabilities, housing still in the toilet, wages and savings way down…..hmm, maybe we are pretty close. Fortunately, Obama has a plan for this. He won’t really lay it out, but we’ve watched it for well over 3 years. It’s called “Spend Other People’s Money To Reward Campaign Donors And Liberal Support Groups.”

He wants to add “tax the hell out of people” to the mix, so he can spend even more to achieve….8.3% unemployment, people abandoning the jobs market in despair, more trillion dollar + deficits, and, really, you should just bask in Obama’s greatness instead of whining about all your own misery, you darned raaaaacists.

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