Stimulus Funds Go to Busing in Mexicans for Free Educations

How convenient for Mexican bandits that they no longer have to ride around under the desert sun with heavy bandoliers slung across their chests. With our quisling rulers on their side, looting us is so easy, children can do it. Our liberal kleptocracy confiscates taxpayer money to bus in Mexicans from across the border for free educations at our expense. Via Judicial Watch:

In a town famous for Pancho Villa’s ransacking, the purloining still occurs; this time horses and mules are not disappearing, but taxpayer money is. Columbus, New Mexico is just 3 miles north of Palomas, Mexico and is one of the many border towns mired in the border fence, illegal immigration, and drug smuggling. The culprit in this case, however, is not El Chapo or a coyote, but rather residents in Mexico expecting American taxpayer benefits.

Many families in Palomas, Mexico choose to send their children to Deming Public School District. Regardless of citizenship, these Palomas students are ineligible for Deming Public School education as they live out of the district and are not supporting the school through taxes. …

For school year 2008-2009, 506 students were transported from the Port of Entry to Deming Public Schools (and this number has been increasing for the past three years). Typically, the students cross the border where a public school bus waits for them and then transports them 30 miles to the schools in Deming.

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Where does the money come from to finance this lunacy? From you, of course.

New Mexico will receive $537,047,803 from President Obama’s stimulus plan to “lay the foundation for a generation of education reform and help save thousands of teaching jobs at risk due to state and local budget cuts.” That’s right, the stimulus money will indirectly be funding education for students whose families do not pay taxes.

Oh, it’s part of the stimulus. Busing in Mexicans for free goodies — as if there weren’t already more than enough Mexicans on this side of the border collecting free goodies — will stimulate our economy. For a moment there I thought America would once again receive no benefit whatsoever from this flagrant waste of its confiscated resources.

New Mexico isn’t alone:

A similar issue of “free education” has occurred in Arizona with many students crossing the Arizona border to attend school, some with fraudulent residency documents. In towns like Lukeville, the number of students boarding the bus exceeds the population of the town. In light of this, certain Arizona schools informed families that their children could continue to attend public schools only if they paid a fee as they did not pay the appropriate taxes. In 2004, the Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne, led the initiative to prevent the swindling of taxpayers by investigating the residency of students. Enforcing district residency, however, led to controversy in Arizona with a lawsuit in 2005 accusing Bisbee Unified School District of discrimination.

Discrimination, like racial profiling, is an all-purpose charge that can be leveled at any attempt to resist first our money and then our very country from being stolen from us and handed over to parasitical Third World hordes by our treasonous moonbat rulers, who are waging a demographic war of obliteration against America.

Not having our government on his side, Pancho Villa had to do it the hard way.

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