Tax-Payer Funded Solar Energy Company Fails – THANKS OBAMA!!!

Tax-Payer Funded Solar Energy Company Fails – THANKS OBAMA!!!

In what was possibly a great idea in theory, was actually another attempt at clean energy through a tax payer funded solar company that failed. Much like the abomination known as the ObamaCare website, this company was also a failure under Obama’s Presidency and it was paid for by us, the tax payer.

failed solar company

From WND:

Last November, the Washington Times reported Abengoa had received at least $2.7 billion in federal loan guarantees since 2010 to build several large-scale solar power projects in the United States. There was no certainty any of the government loans would be paid back amid a collapse that dwarfed the $530 million loss to the U.S. taxpayer with the collapse of Solyndra in 2011.

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An exposé by Town Hall on Aug. 4, 2012, found that the then-estimated $2.8 billion Abengoa received in U.S. federal grants and loans made the company the second largest recipient of the $16 billion doled out through the Department of Energy Section 1705 loan guarantee program, the same DOE program that had funded Solyndra.

It would be nice if Obama’s little experiments weren’t paid for with my money. I have so many potholes on my street that need to be fixed and I’d like my taxes to pay for that instead. How do you feel about your taxes going to waste with Obama’s gimmicky investments?

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