That’s the Bush-Pelosi Recession, Madame Speaker

Over at Commentary Contentions, Peter Wehner references House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “pathetic and pitiful” response “to the dismal new unemployment numbers”. :  Always on the attack, Ms. Nancy would rather blame Republicans than accept the responsibility for her own party’s failures:

Today’s report shows our teachers, police officers, firefighters, and nurses are still feeling the worst of the Bush recession – while Republican leaders demean them as ‘special interests’ and try to block legislation that will grow our economy,

Bush recession? : Huh? : That good man has been out of office for 18 months, with Ms. Pelosi’s: party has having since held all the levers of power in our nation’s capitol.

So, if she’s going to blame the current recession on the immediate past Administration, it’s only fair to also blame the immediate past Congress, given that the legislature has the power to enact laws to help deal with our economic woes — and has the power of the purse. : So, let’s see, the 111th is the current Congress, so the previous Congress must have been the 110th. : Let’s see who was Speaker then.

Googling 110th Congress. : Why a Ms. Nancy Pelosi was speaker of that Congress! : Omigosh, the very same Nancy who’s blaming all our nation’s problems on that evil Republican Bush. : That Congress first met on January 3, 2007, nearly a full year before the recession began (in December 2007).

So, there you have it, by Ms. Nancy’s logic, she gets her name on the current recession. : If W is responsible for the current recession, then so is she. : My friends, we’re in the 33rd month of the Bush-Pelosi recession.

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