The horrifying moment a Mongolian union boss sets himself on FIRE in protest over coal

The horrifying moment a Mongolian union boss sets himself on FIRE in protest over coal

What a horrific way to make a point. A Mongolian union boss calmly set himself on fire in front of the press to protest the proposed sale of the country’s coal mining industry to China. He is in critical condition. Given the nature of burns, he may regret surviving. The video is brief and graphic. His fellow union members tore off their jackets and tried to put out the flames. He had poured gasoline on himself beforehand in preparation for the act. The boss stated that the government no longer supports their company, their families or the workers themselves. They fear they will starve when China sends in their own people to run things. The press was horrified and there was a lot of screaming as the man burned. It’s cringe worthy.


From the Daily Mail:

This horrifying footage shows the shocking moment a trade union leader in Mongolia sets himself alight to protest against the proposed sale of the country’s coal mining industry to China.

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The unnamed trade unionist had called for a press conference in which he and others told the media about the appalling problems faced by miners in Mongolia.

In a short mumbled statement he said: ‘The government no longer supports our company, families of the workers are forced to starve, this is why I will burn myself for the people of Mongolia and our children.’

He poured liquid on his suit before setting himself alight as the startled press pack reacted with horror to the unfolding drama.

There were screams as his fellow union members ripped off their jackets and immediately started beating the flames from the man lying in agony on the floor.

After a terrifying minute, the blaze was finally put out with a fire extinguisher.

Amid the chaos, some members of the press snatched their microphones from the stand while others remained to record the shocking incident.

The man suffered serious burns and was rushed to hospital. He is currently in a critical condition.

The union leader was protesting about the treatment of miners working for Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi, which has 39 coal mines in Mongolia.

Unionists fear the sale to China could bring make things even worse as the Chinese could bring in their own staff to operate the mines.

Mongolia, the landlocked country between China and Russia, is considering the sale of stakes in ten state-owned companies – including part of its £4bn Tavan Tolgoi mine – as it tries to shore up investor support for its flagging economy.

The Mongolian currency, the tugrik, has slumped 35 percent over the past 24 months, while foreign-direct investment fell from $4.5 billion in 2012 to $382 million last year.

People do drastic things when they fear starvation and the suffering of their children and families. They finally put the fire out with an extinguisher. Mongolia sits between China and Russia and I’m sure the Chinese would just love to annex it. Their economy has been devastated in recent years and they are now desperate to stay afloat, thus the Chinese deal. This would only stave off the inevitable fall of the country over economics though. Sooner or later the Chinese will just take what they want. It is the communist way. These people are on the edge and terrified or this would not have been this man’s recourse. Think it couldn’t happen in America? Think again.






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