Trump: If I Was President I’d Buy the Chinese President a McDonald’s Hamburger [VIDEO]

Trump: If I Was President I’d Buy the Chinese President a McDonald’s Hamburger [VIDEO]

The media pundit’s meltdown over Donald Trump continues. When Bill O’Reilly confronts Trump on China, the sparks fly. First off, O’Reilly doesn’t even know who the president of China is. Ever hear of show prep? He leads one of the most powerful nations on the face of the earth and O’Reilly doesn’t have a clue who the man is. But Trump did. He chimed in that President Xi Jinping is a smart man and he is by all accounts – he’s also ruthless. O’Reilly couldn’t even get his name right. Jinping is also president of the Communist Party in China. Xi’s regime has been engaged in a far-reaching anti-corruption campaign for more than a year that many experts believe is his way of getting rid of any opposition and consolidating party power. It seems some factions within the party are turning away from President Xi Jinping behind closed doors and at high-level retreats. So, it would also seem that some of the unity behind the Chinese Communist Party and the leadership is fracturing. Trump doesn’t care – he deals with China as an economic entity and he negotiates ferociously with them. Trump knows these leaders and I actually think he would forego the dinner for a Big Mac – unless and until China plays ball with us.

Donald Trump

From Gateway Pundit:

Donald Trump warned Bill O’Reilly on Monday that what China is doing leads to depression. Trump went onThe Factor to discuss the current financial market crisis.

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Donald Trump told Bill O’Reilly he’d skip the official state dinner with Chinese leader Xi Zinping and buy him McDonald’s instead.

“I would not be holding him a dinner. I’d get him a McDonald’s hamburger and tell him we gotta get down to work… Yeah, but I’d give him probably a double-sized Big Mac.

Trump, knowing that politics and economics are intertwined, would know that if the US once again has strong leadership, China would be at a disadvantage because of fissures in their leadership structure. That is a bargaining chip at the negotiations table. If you are going to play fiscal chicken with world leaders, you had better know what is going on politically in that country as well as economically. Why should the US spend hundreds of thousands on a State dinner for a country that is not only a military threat to us currently, but who is attempting to take us down financially? Hmmm? Bill seems incredulous that anyone would dare to treat the leader of China in such a manner. It’s called ‘strength.’ The Chinese respect that. It’s a pity our media and leaders don’t even recognize it for what it is. And therein lies one of our biggest problems and weaknesses.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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