Unemployment Numbers: Another Reality Check

This is unsurprising:


You don’t create jobs by making the bureaucracy bigger. You pull resources from the private sector making job creation impossible.

President Obama is making all this worse by creating complete instability. No one knows what he is going to do next. So, businesses hoard cash. Business continue hiring freezes even as business seems to turn a bit. Basically, the whole country is in a holding pattern.

If Cap and Trade and Health Care passes, small businesses and their owners will have to cough up any excess cash they’re hoarding to supplement government fantasy programs. They know this. If Card Check passes, big businesses, mostly in the south, know that they will have to fend off threats of unionization and the financial mess that creates.

Instability everywhere does not foster a business and therefore, a job creating environment. It doesn’t look like President Obama or Congress intend to shift directions, so joblessness it is!

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