USA Today Offers 6 Challenges For The American Worker

In a hit and miss article, USA Today takes a look at just what challenges are facing the American worker

Labor Day means more than a chance to relax and eat hot dogs. It’s also a time to reflect on the challenges facing the American worker.

Those challenges range from the profound to the prosaic: stubbornly high unemployment, bad bosses, lousy summer jobs for youths.

The Detroit Free Press looks at some of those challenges.

And they are

  • Not enough jobs
  • Long-term unemployment
  • Retirement anxiety
  • Crummy jobs
  • Bad bosses
  • Decline of unions

You’re welcome to read their rationale for those, but, what’s missing? How about

  • Government interference
  • Government regulations
  • Massive government debt/deficits
  • Politicians who are hostile to the private sector
  • Politicians who’ve never worked in the private sector

Government can either help or hurt. It tends to hurt.

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